Two months with a preemie, life is pretty good!



Alexandr turned two months old on March 27th. We also just had his two month check up. Easter also came and went, Alex came down with a tummy flu and we did a lot of co sleeping with mama to feel better, and since he was ill we didn’t get to go to the Easter bunny, BUT I did get some pretty cute snapshots of my own of him. On the upside, when he recovered from the stomach flu, his vomit stopped cold. Alex is five days free of a projectile vomit episode. HOORAY! He’s still refluxy but that’s being controlled with his prilosec, he spits up but not often. IT’S GREAT. I’m so happy to see him feeling better and the laundry pile sure appreciates it. At his two month check up he got five vaccinations, two shots in each leg, and one oral, but he’s protected against all sorts of things so yay for that. He was cranky and fussy, and still kind of is. He’s now Six pounds Eleven Ounces and Twenty inches long. He’s growing well, meeting the two month milestones save for a few. He no longer has to have his formula specially mixed, while he does have to be on the Enfacare, I can now make it according to the instructions on the back of the can, NO MORE SPECIAL MEASURING! Our little boy is doing so well and growing wonderfully. He will still be in his newborn digs for some time but that’s alright by me ;-) He just gets to wear cutsie stuff longer! I will be happier when he’s not in newborn diapers, they are often harder to find and are more expensive for smaller amounts for some stupid reason.

At any rate. I go back to work next week and that really sucks. I’m going to miss Alex and since he just stopped the throwing up I haven’t gotten as much time with Daniel as I want. I really wanted to have some quality time with him. Our lease is almost up at this house and we’re not planning on staying. I have the following two weeks after this coming week off, but we’ll most likely be in the middle of moving. With Alexandr that means it’s going to be more difficult. Then there is unpacking and settling in. At least I’ll have the time off, and I’ll be able to be off for my birthday!


Also on that note, I’m going to be 27, eww. I’m getting old! lol I’m so happy Daniel and I decided to finally start a family. Dogs are great but they are no replacement for a baby. Not only that but being with him has been such a joyful journey and I love him so so much. I never would have thought sitting with him at that IHOP all those years ago that I’d be sitting here waiting for him to come back from running an errand while I am here with our son. As soon as we sat up all night together watching those movies and we decided he would move in though, I knew we were in it for keeps. My husband is my best friend and my family and I could not ask for a better person to spend my life with, nor would I.

That’s all for now folks! Till next time!