Busy, busy, busy!









Whew it’s been a while! Look who’s grown! Alexandr has been doing amazing. We did infact end up moving. We also made another big change for little Alex. His spit up was becoming more and more frequent again, and his prilosec wasn’t cotrolling all of the reflux. We decided to switch him to enfamil A.R. It’s been FABULOUS. No throw up, no spit up, no reflux, and his weight is up. He’s also been sleeping through the night for almost a month now. So proud of him. He got to meet his grandpa for the first time, and his Aunt got to hold him for the first time. She came and visited him in the NICU when he was super little.

Alex has started doing CRAZY early things. For being a preemie and supposedly being “behind”? I don’t think he knows the meaning of slow down at this point. He can eat from a spoon and tries to hold it himself. He will stand up from a seated position if I hold his hands, he will also plant his feet and walk with conviction if I hold his hands. He knows that one foot goes in front of the other and he LOVES doing it, If I don’t let him when he wants to he gets upset. He loves books, he knows his name, both Alex and Alexandr. He tracks anything he’s interested, be it people, a screen, an object. He’s pinching with his thumb and forefinger. As you can see working on holding his own bottle. I started teaching him baby sign language and he started signing back in 3 weeks! Piles and piles of stuff, seriously. He’s so smart.

We both had a wellness check, and despite everyone saying he would’t be on the charts till at least 6 months, probably not till 8 months, at 9lbs 13oz, and 21 1/4 inches long, he’s in the 3% range for weight and 1% for height! I have also lost 20 pounds since pregnancy, still got a bit to go, but I’ll get there, and I finally got a haircut! Anyway I’m going to try to update more often he’s just been keeping me soooo busy! Enjoy the nappin’ with daddy pics and such.



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