I can adult, really I can.

They say misery loves company. I’m starting to think misery loves misery and is content to wallow in it and ignore the rest of us. I haven’t sad cried in over a month, but this morning I burst into full on ugly tears. I hate this and don’t have any interest in it. I have so much empathy and want to help others but I’ve got to stop stressing over those who don’t want to help themselves. I’ve given far too much of myself to these people and I’ve got to stop. On the other side of things I’ve been spending more sit down time working with Alex, trying to get his speech improved and work on the milestones we need to hit for potty training. I’ve also been inundated with the task of looking into preschools. You really should sign them up at birth, and include a rather large check. When his preschool options cost like 1/3 of my college tuition per year I get a little bit of sticker shock! Bhaha. I’ve also spent some time doing things for myself .It’s been years since I read a book at home. Honestly, I read loads but I read at work when I had the time. Last night I started “Crescent Dawn” by Cliver Cussler and OH. MY. GOD. What an amazing author. I made it 8 chapters in by about 2.5 hours. What a journey so far, Zane says he paints mini movies in your head and that’s exactly right. If any of my friends who enjoy reading haven’t checked him out, please do. I also started playing a single player game for the first time in many years. I started up on Fallout : New Vegas and I love it so much so far. It’s taken some time to get used to on the xbox but the story is extremely interesting so far, I’m very good at getting my ass handed to me! lol.

I love our house so far, it’s absolutely beautiful. I haven’t had a spare moment to stop and take many pictures of it, not that we have a ton of furniture to fill it yet anyhow. The 16th is Zane and I’s two month milestone and I couldn’t be happier. He’ll be coming home that day as well. I can’t wait, while I talk to him on the phone ever day it’s just not the same. Alex is wonderful company though and we go on walks pretty much every day and get into all kinds of nonsense. The other day we were invited to begin attending the parish at the end of the street. I brought in two bags of donated clothing and they were absolutely touched by my donation. They are home to one of the preschools we’re looking into as well. I’ve given thought to going to a service or two. While I’m not big into religion I think Alex would greatly benefit from the fellowship it brings.

I’ll leave you with a song that I love and feel like fits me very well.



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