What a wonderful Christmas, plus Gamer Girl Monthly.


Hello all and wlecome to another edition of Shari’s life.

What’s going on in my world today?Well, I did in fact have the best Christmas ever.


A very nice set of Chicago cutlery knives with a pole sharpener, a Mr. Coffee coffee pot, and a washable filter for it, an adorable salt and pepper shaker set to go with that beautiful dining room table which was also a Christmas gift, a tardis mug where the tardis relocates with heat and another Clive Cussler novel. I also got 75 deluxe Hershey’s kisses and 48 Ferrero Rocher chocolates. My favorites!!

Alexandr got some amazing presents including an easel, a talking activity table, a stuffed baymax, a stuffed ocelot from Minecraft, and loads of match box cars. He also got three tractor trailers, his favorites above all of the expensive toys and the stars of the show lol.

Zane got multiple things including tin signs from Fallout that advertise Nuka Cola and the Repconn facility but I’ll post pictures once they’re hung up.

This Christmas was incredibly special to me. Made even more special by those I was surrounded with. We got to see my sister and brother in law and niece’s and nephew’s and also got some beautiful china and some other very nice things from them as gifts. Then I got to be surrounded by Zane and my beautiful son who is growing way to fast.


Now on to what I got in the mail today!


Woooo! I’ve been wanting to try this for quite a while and finally caved. It came today. The first thing inside?


This super cool scarf. No brand but decent quality, smells like the inside of a sears lol. Love it.


Under the scarf was this bag, and a card.


The swag inside was amazing. All decent quality. Here’s what came and I’ll elaborate afterward.


So in each box you get three jewelry bits and some extras. In this case the scarf, and the bag and button I figure could be considered the extras. The Minecraft necklace is from JINX! so it’s legit I put it on right away but it came in the JINX packaging. The earrings we gather are meant to be Kingdom Hearts and the backings actually seem to be surgical. My ears are very very sensitive so I was worried but no irritation. I love the D-Pad ring as well and it is also fabulous quality. If you’re a girl and a gamer and you’re on the fence, for 13$ a month + shipping, do it. There are codes o plenty for 3$ off your first month too. Dooooooo eeeet.

Until next time everyone, I hope your Christmas was Merry and bright, or whatever holiday you celebrated!



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