There’s Beauty In The Breakdown

side mirror reflects roadway from inside car

I’ve gone through so much this past year, and today marked a day of reflection for me. Perception is key, hindsight is clear. My own ability to give of myself to others in hopes of making a change is lofty. I’ve pushed and pushed and bent and twisted looking for a much wanted return only to find the field I’ve been tending barren.

Today I sat thinking on this and the realization set in. My foot should have been put down long ago. I am worth more, I am meritorious by nature even if I refuse to admit this fact most of the time. I refuse to let people take me to the mat for their gain any longer simply in the hopes that they will step up. I shall instead allow them to step away.

The mirror above depicts just what I see the direction of my life in the coming months to be. Moving on, moving forward, and hopefully, leaving little I wish to look back to in the mirror. I won’t continue to dwell on my mistakes. I won’t punish myself for my misgivings, and I won’t continue my errors. Life is too short, too precious, and too important to bother with small people and small minds.



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