And I won’t back down


So some of you might have heard that last night I was the victim of a home invasion. For those of you who were not aware I am writing about it here because it’s gonna take me the next year to get to everyone telling the story individually.

Last night a man came to our door while I was cooking dinner. I answered and as soon as I did he said “Oh hey, Man it’s so cold outside, can I come in and get warm for just a little while?” As I was about to tell him no he began pushing into our door. This man was around six foot and I’d venture 200 lbs. He immediately pushed his shoes off, said he was going to lay on the “Patch of carpet” on our kitchen floor, and proceeded to lay on my rug. I began assessing the situation while keeping him talking. He began talking about being pelted with fruit, how he walked from Kansas City, Kansas, something about Bill Clinton, and sexual abuse against children. He kept going on about random things, and then unfortunately was able to ascertain that I had a child as my son stirred in the other room. In this he was also able to figure out that no one else was in the house with me because of the layout of my home. I told him that my boyfriend would be home any minute now and that he had just gone out to get ranch dressing as we had run out.

That’s when I saw the knife.

I was trying to get him to leave on his own, hoping that this strange babbling man who was either on meth or mentally unstable would just leave my home so I could call the police. I’ve always been given the training to call the police when you can get safe if possible. Could I have resorted to being violent? Sure but why would I do that. I had him calm, I wanted to keep it that way. I continued talking to him, asking him where he was from, what he did for a living, if he was thirsty, even gave him kool-aid and french fries to keep him from getting upset. I then excused myself to go to the “bathroom” I threw on a sweatshirt and strapped Sasha to my side.


This is Sasha. She is a Cobra FS .380 and she is my home defense weapon. If you don’t have one please, get one, use it responsibly, and arm yourselves America, you have no idea what kind of insane people will push into your home at 8pm on a Tuesday night. I live in a nice neighborhood too in a fairly expensive house.

He kept calling me McKensie and saying he knew my parents which I told him he did not because my parents weren’t from here. I asked him if there was anyone I could call for him and he told me Jeff, he began to give me numbers but quickly started talking about tissues. I asked him again. My plan was if he didn’t give me a number I was going to tell him that I knew someone and use it as an excuse to call 911. Funny thing is he said to me “Just call 911, they’ll give me a ride home” I don’t think he knew what he was saying but I took the opportunity and did it anyhow. Then the dumbest dispatcher on the planet answered. I will be complaining to the police department about her.

I tell her the following

“I have a man who has found his way in my home, he’s cold, and he’s walked a long way, and he would like to have a ride somewhere, and he would like you to help with that but he’s got a knife.”

“Well I don’t know that we can really help him”

“Uh…I don’t know if you can help him, but again, he’s in my house, and he has a knife…so could you send someone please?”

“I’ll see if we can get a patrol car out to you”

She didn’t send them code so it took around 15 minutes of me trying to keep this guy calm for the police department to show up.

When they finally did they asked if I knew the guy which I told them I did not, they asked if I let him in and at that point I pulled one of the officers to the porch, warned him that I was armed, and told him that the man pushed his way into the house, and that he had a knife. The officer had spotted the knife and was aware, thanked me for not being trigger happy, and for being cool headed about the situation, and proceeded back inside. They questioned him, and asked if he had any other weapons. He kept going to reach into his pocket which caused them to almost draw their weapons. He finally stopped and told them he had more weapons, which included two pocket knives, one regular, and one switch blade. His information came back and he had an outstanding warrant for something they wouldn’t call out over the radio. He was arrested in my kitchen and taken to the car.

Apparently at the car he asked one of the officers if they were going to call the police to which he replied “Who do you think we are?” and he said “Oh no, you are the police!”

The officers couldn’t have been nicer and thanked me, asked me how I stayed so calm to which I explained I used to be a correctional officer. They were so appreciative that I handled it without violence and kept the situation at a calm level instead of escalating it. They took my information and promised to patrol the area. In the meantime I will no longer answer my door after 6pm unless you call or text first, and I’ll likely start wearing my firearm around the house after dark, I have an excuse to order a holster to wear.

Please please, everyone out there learn to properly protect yourself and be level headed in a situation like this, it makes a difference in the lives of many. This could have gone a lot differently and I’m glad I’m here and that he’s in jail instead of something worse. I sincerely hope he cleans up his act and gets whatever help he might need.



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