Who’s That Girl?

Who am I? I am Shari, a 31 year old blogger from Kansas with a small family. I have a three year old special needs son, Alexandr and a 30 year old boyfriend named Matt. I am currently going through a divorce as well. I like video games and all things you’d probably consider nerdy, I like my country music and I have a southern soul to some extent but I listen to a bit of everything. I’m no stranger to hard work though and I love things like classic muscle cars, football, and working with my hands. I also love to paint and do crafts too as well as cooking. I’m a bit of an odd duck. I have been blogging for a good long time, which you’ll find if you follow my blog back a way. I started out on Xanga many years ago in around 2003 and I’ve been able to port things over. If you’re looking for a blogger who blogs about life, the beautiful, the ugly, and the realistic. That’s me. I blog about a little bit of everything and everything in between that.

I am a convert to Judaism I am happy to take questions about that from anyone who is curious. So in addition to everything on the daily, you’ll also find me blogging about the very personal and spiritual journey I undertook during that time, and my spiritual life now. I also battle with many chronic illnesses on a daily basis, and as such I tend to blog about my struggles with that. It gives me a place to clear my frustrations with it. I look at this blog as a place of healing for me. In my past I have written things that are nice, and not so nice, good and not so good. There have been things in myself I wish to never be again, but all of it is and was me, better or worse. I can look back on it all and take something from it. It’s like a living diary. I’ve been a stupid kid, and a silly adult. I’ve won some, lost some, I’ve been hurt, and I’ve done the hurting, and I’m still standing. Every day I learn something new. I consider that life’s victory.

Thank you for joining me on my journey, good and bad, come what may, I will enjoy sharing it with you. I’d love to hear from you, comments, or emails, or what have you. You can find my facebook and twitter up top as well.



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