Who’s That Girl?

Who am I? I am Shari, a 30 year old blogger from Kansas with a small family. I have a three year old special needs son, Alexandr and a 28 year old husband named Zane who is an over the road truck driver. I like video games and all things you’d probably consider nerdy, I like my country music and I have a southern soul to some extent but I listen to a bit of everything. I’m no stranger to hard work though and I love things like classic muscle cars, football, and working with my hands. I also love to paint and do crafts too as well as cooking. I’m a bit of an odd duck. My husband calls me a jill of all trades and he’s not wrong. I have been blogging for a good long time, which you’ll find if you follow my blog back a way. I started out on Xanga many years ago in around 2003 and I’ve been able to port things over. If you’re looking for a blogger who blogs about life, the beautiful, the ugly, and the realistic. That’s me. I blog about a little bit of everything and everything in between that. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from any of you. I’d love to hear comments from you all!


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